Environmental protection is not only a fashion, but also closely related to the present and future of us and our children. Let’s actively participate in it by doing small things around us.

We are doing these in KANKun

Economize stationary and electric appliance by using papers double sidedly and transferring documents & info. by email instead of by printing on papers;

Collect used papers each day for recycling;

Check electric appliance and turn them off after work, turn off lights when leaving the room for a certain time;

Wear more clothes and set the air conditioner at a relatively lower temperature in winter while in Summer set the air conditioner at a relatively higher temperature;

Use energy saving lamps for lighting;

Save water by turning on water tap lightly and turn it off after use.

We also know doing in this way:

Waste no food;

Throw used batteries into retrievable bin (a button cell dumped in nature can pollute 600,000 liter water while an AA battery can make one-square-meter land useless.);

Treat animals like friends;

Use ceramic cups, paper lunch boxes, cloth bags and bamboo chopsticks to decrease rubbish;

Cherish flowers & trees and participate in greening activities

Buy drinks in recoverable cans;

Go to work on foot or by bus and if by car, drive slowly to decrease gasoline consumption and the emission of carbon dioxide.

If you have any good ideas or experience in environmental protection, welcome to send email to kankun126@126.com to share with us.

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